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Janey Angus



My Story

Create your own Scentsy story! Check out the join special! I attended my first Scentsy party in November of 2010 at a friend's house. I wasn't going to go, because I just knew that the scents wouldn’t be nearly as good as the mall store where I was a regular. But my daughter thought it would be fun because her friend was going to be there. So we went. I saw the testers and decided to give them a try to see just how good (or how bad) they were. Boy was I surprised! The scents were great! I loved so many of them that I couldn't decide what to order. I booked a party of my own to earn some free and half-price Scentsy, then I went home and started looking up Scentsy on the internet. I saw the corporate website, the website belonging to the consultant who held the party, and watched numerous videos about the company. The more I watched, the more impressed I became! Scentsy is a great company with great products, great people, and a great vision! I decided to become a consultant instead of having the party I had originally booked, and I started off quickly without really knowing many details. I just knew that when people tried the scents, they loved them! I love Scentsy, and I have so enjoyed being a consultant! I get to go to parties where I meet lots of new people, and I get to work with a company and products that I love. And I make money on top of that! <!--endbody-->  

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